Welcome to the modern dental clinic Dr. Gašparac with a long family tradition. Our expertise, professionalism, kindness, pleasant atmosphere and warm smile will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Dental implants

Are you missing one or more teeth? You do not want to abrade other teeth, a clinical examination and CBCT images did not show any side effects, then you are the right candidate for implants. The implants are now routinely implanted, under local anesthesia and with minimal surgical intervention.

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Crowns and Bridges

The tooth is so damaged by caries that it cannot be restored any more with a filling or the root of the tooth has previously been treated and now a large part of the tooth crown is missing? There is also a solution!!! A crown or "cap" will solve all your problems. In the dental clinic dr. Gašparac we will offer you the best and most modern materials used in the preparation of metal-ceramic and non-metal crowns.

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Ceramic veneers

Your teeth are of uneven colors that cannot be regulated by bleaching? You do not like the shape of your teeth? We have the right solution for you.... ceramic veneers!!! With minimal grinding of the tooth structure you will get veneers that will cover up all the irregularities, and its color, resistance and translucency will fully answer the demands of modern dentistry.

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Aesthetic fillings

Tired of amalgam fillings which differ from the color of natural teeth? Do you want to make sure that no one sees your fillings? The dental clinic dr. Gašparac uses the best materials on the market that guarantee durability and maximum function, but also a flawless aesthetics. A wide variety of shades of composite materials and their chameleon effect are resulting in the creation of dental fillings that faithfully mimic the morphology of the teeth.

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Do you have gum bleeds? Is it inflamed and hurts??? Does dental calculus represent an aesthetic problem for you? Do you have mouth odour??? It is the right time to visit us and our expert staff will teach you proper brushing techniques, explain how to maintain oral hygiene and it will also professionally clean your teeth with ultrasonic instruments ....

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Teeth whitening

You are not satisfied with the color of your teeth? You would like to have beautiful white teeth??? Visit us and step out of our clinic with a great smile .... Opalescences boost is the solution for you .... It makes teeth brighter up to two shades in just one visit ...

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