Services - Ceramic crowns and bridges

Ceramic crowns and bridges

If a tooth is so damaged by caries that it cannot be restored with a filling or the root of the tooth has been previously treated and a large part of the tooth crown is missing, it is necessary to protect the tooth with a cap - a crown, RETURNING THE FUNCTION, AESTETICS AN DURABILITY OF THE TOOTH. If you are missing several teeth in a row, and the remaining teeth with their situation and position are in good condition, a bridge is used.

The selection of materials for the production of ceramic crowns depends on the individual situation of the patient. As the most common solution for compensation of lost tooth structure is used:

  • all-ceramics
  • zirconium oxide ceramics
  • metal-ceramics

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns are made of pure ceramic characterized by high aesthetics due to translucency and transparency, looking like natural teeth. They are most often used in cases that a high level of aesthetics is required, mainly the front teeth.

Zirconium oxide ceramic crowns

They are used in high aesthetic demands. They completely replace ceramic crowns when the natural tooth has a darker color, because they do not transmit light. They can be used in making smaller prosthetic bridges. Zirconium oxide is not suitable material for making major bridges due to insufficient elasticity (ability cracking ceramics). It is made using CAD / CAM technology Cerec.

Metal-ceramic crowns

An excellent choice for larger bridges and crowns on the lateral (rear) teeth because they tolerate occlusal force during chewing and are more affordable than high aesthetic ceramic crowns.