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Ivo Gašparac

dr.med.dent., Specialist of Dental Prosthetics

Ivo Gašparac, dr.med.dent., spec. Stom. Protetike Ivo Gašparac was born in Zagreb on 14th August 1971, where he finished elementary and high school. In 1996 he graduated at the Faculty of Stomatology in Zagreb. Upon completion of mandatory training, in 1997 he began to work in a private dental clinic, which he inherited from his mother doc. dr. sci. Hanzi Predanić-Gašparac, specialist DMD for prosthetics and longstanding employee and leader of prosthodontics at Faculty of Stomatology in Zagreb.

He had further professional education in Croatia and abroad. Doctor Gašparac is also a frequent guest at conferences and workshops in the Bavarian Dental Academy, Graz and Vienna. He is proud that he was able in his life to meet prof. dr. Alexandra Gutowski, one of Europe's and the world's leading specialists, who to this day wholeheartedly passes on all his knowledge of dental prosthetics to dr. Gašparac.

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